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Monday, November 25, 2013

Crossing by Andrew Xia Fukuda

This is a good novel about the angst felt by a Chinese student in a high school of all white students except for him and one female Chinese student (Naomi). Xing (pronounced Shing) and Naomi have been friends since she came to America and Xing is in love with her.

There start to be some disappearances of students at the school and each of these students have touched Xing in some manner. One being a bully that had a fight with Xing, one being very intelligent and having strong contact with Naomi, one being the lead in the school play, which Xing is the stand-in for.
As the lead has disappeared, Xing becomes the star of the play and works up his courage to do so. He has never had the confidence to believe that he is as good as his music teacher has declared.

As we proceed from this, you can almost tell the ending, but the novel is well worth the read. You really feel for Xing and his exclusion from the people around him. Whether it is his own making or not, you will have to read the novel to figure that out for yourself. 

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