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Monday, February 20, 2017

What She Left Behind by Ellen Marie Wiseman

I hope that everyone is good! Finally another review.

What She Left Behind

Isabelle is a young woman in today's era. She had been living with her grandmother after her mother was put into prison after killing her husband, Izzy's father. Izzy's grandmother has passed away and Izzy is put into a foster home.
Izzy's foster mother is involved in a project to find some history about an insane asylum in the town that has closed. They are going to go through the luggage of some of the patient's and try to learn more about those people.
Izzy comes upon a suitcase that is full of beautiful and moneyed items and comes across a journal written by a young woman who was incarcerated in the 1930's.

Clara is the woman of the 1930's whose diary Izzy has discovered. Clara was from wealthy parents and her parents had her incarcerated after she refused to marry the man they wished her to marry. She was in love with someone else and her parents thought that by sending her to the insane asylum, they would teach her a lesson.

The book alternates between the stories of the two women. There is much heartache in both young ladies's lives. Both live through some strong downfalls.

The premise of the book was really good. I just felt that there was so much distress that it was a little hard to keep reading. Had to read until the end to find out it anything good became for either lady.

A Book Set In Two Different Time Periods (PopSugar Reading Challenge 2017)

Monday, February 13, 2017

Another Monday!

Just checking in and hoping that everyone is doing well. Hope you are reading a good book and enjoying the escape of that. Let me know what you are reading and what you may be watching that has caught your interest. Have a wonderful week and let's talk!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Earnhardt Nation: The Full-Throttle Saga of Nascar's First Family by Jay Busbee

Earnhardt Nation: The Full-Throttle Saga of NASCAR's First FamilyHope everyone is well. Please let's talk if you would like.

This was a very good read about the legacy of the Earnhardt name. From Ralph, to Dale Sr., to Dale Jr., to Kerry, to Kelley, to Taylor Nicole. Racing is definitely in this bloodline.

I have been a fan of NASCAR for about 30 years, so I  had the opportunity to see Dale Sr. drive. While some loved and some hated his style, credit goes to the man who could definitely manipulate a race car. And his death was a shocker to all. At least he died doing what he loved most.

It is sad that there seems to be disconnect between some of the family members, but that happens with most families. There is definitely racing in this family.

A book with a title that is a character's name (PopSugar Reading Challenge 2017)

Monday, January 30, 2017

Groovin': Horse, Hopes & Slippery Slopes by Rich Israel

Hope everyone is well. This book was forwarded to me by for review. Worth the read.

Groovin’: Horses, Hopes, and Slippery Slopes (Hippie Adventurer, #1)

This is probably one the best titled books I have read in a while. Full of episodes in Rich Israel's life when he was younger and so much fun to read.

While I am a generation behind this era, I am certainly old enough to remember the anxieties about the Vietnam War, the LSD thing going on and the Hippy movement.

Rich writes well and you are rooting for him and enjoying his antics. A good share (the second half) of the book is about his horse-riding trip through New Mexico, Colorado, etc. Comes from a very different time and makes life sound so much easier.

Well written and I am definitely looking forward to the sequel this fall.

A Novel Set During Wartime (PopSugar 2017 Challenge)

Monday, January 23, 2017

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

Hope all are well. Finally, a review!

 Four college classmates from a Massachusetts move to New York. JB is an aspiring artist, Malcolm an aspiring architect, Willem an aspiring actor, and Jude an aspiring lawyer.
Their bond is strong, but JB and Malcolm tend to pair up and Willem and Jude tend to lean to each other.
The group has a tendency to gravitate around Jude. He has disabilities in his walk and is extremely enigmatic about anything about his life before college. Rightly so, as we learn about his horrendous childhood with monks in a monastery and further.
We slowly learn of the abuse he suffered and the horrors he feels about anything pleasant happening to him, he feels he does not deserve the good things in life.
There are times that you are in love with Jude, feel sorry for Jude, hate Jude. Reading how he interacts with others is fun, sad, frustrating.

This is a very intense novel. There are undercurrents of abusive behaviour, but nothing very graphic. I personally felt it a bit lengthy and thought that it could have been done in a more concise manner, but it is not my book.

Book with a red spine. (PopSugar 2017 challenge)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Still reading!

Am close to finishing my book. Very intense. Hope everyone is enjoying 2017 so far! I am trying to pick books out for the PopSugar reading challenge.
I don't usually involve myself in the challenges, even though I love, love, love the lists. I have decided that this is a great way to get back down to challenging myself to read more. Some of the categories are going to be hard to do, but I am hoping to accomplish as much as possible this year.

Hope everyone is well and reading!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Yeah, it's Friday!

Still reading A Little Life and am getting closer to finishing. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday, even with it being the 13th. Don't really have any superstitions about things, but I know that some people really do. Smile and let it ride!