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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Silver Star by Jeannette Walls

The Silver Star
Liz & "Bean" Holladay are two young ladies growing up in 1970 with a mother who is "finding" herself and leaves them alone a lot. They are 13 & 15 and manage to live on pot pies. In coming home from school one day, the police are around the house and they decide that they need to go find their mother's lost uncle in Virginia and go visit him for a spell.
Uncle Tinsley allows them to stay with him and gives "Bean" the information about her father that she never knew. He had been given a Silver Star during the war.
The girls become quite comfortable in their new environment and take on jobs, even though Uncle Tinsley did not want them to. There are incidences of racial tensity, abuse, etc. Living life is what the story is really about.

The story is good. I was just a little confused about the choice of the title for the book, as the Silver Star barely makes a showing in the story. The character of "Bean" is fully meshed and you become very familiar with her feelings. Liz is a little harder to read. She starts out more full.

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