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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Restless Souls by Alisa Statman and Brie Tate

Restless Souls: The Sharon Tate Family's Account of Stardom, the Manson Murders, and a Crusade for Justice
After the heinous murder of Sharon Tate, her unborn child, and four other people at Sharon's Cielo Drive home by the "Manson followers", Sharon's family was absolutely devastated. Part of their lives had been ripped from them. Sharon's mother, Doris, didn't even want to talk about it, knowing in her heart that if she did, the reality of Sharon not living any more would rip her apart. Sharon's sister, Patti, held on to her mother as if there was no other buoy for her to hold. 
Doris became involved in making sure that when the killers came up for parole, that she was there to do everything in her power to stop that from happening. She became a very strong advocate of Victim's rights and when Doris died of cancer, Patti carried on her mother's work. 
Patti then died of breast cancer and her daughter, Brie, has carried on the work of her grandmother and mother.
This is a very strong family with tight bonds to each other and learning of the heartache these people have been through will break your heart.

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