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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Magic Room by Jeffrey Zaslow

The Magic Room: A Story about the Love We Wish for Our Daughters This book was sent to me by Vera at Luxury Reading for review.

The Magic Room is a former bank vault upstairs at Becker's Bridal. Shelley Becker, the owner, has purchased the business from her mother, making her the fourth generation owner. Shelley created this magical room for brides to enter, wearing the gown that they have chosen for their special day. The room has a pedestal in the middle and is surrounded by mirrors, so the bride can catch herself at all angles and feel very special.
Becker's Bridal has been open for business since 1934 in Fowler, Michigan. Fowler is a middle-class community with a population of 1,100. Becker's Bridal carries anywhere up to 2,500 gowns in it's small shop. Shelley Becker spends 6 days a week working the store and has done work at the shop since she was 14, helping her mom.
She has seen countless brides and mothers come through the doors and has learned of their loves, tragedies, fears, etc that have brought them here to choose their bridal gowns. We are brought into the lives of eight different brides and their families and histories. Some are young, some older, some are first-time brides, others are second-timers. All are made very personal to you, with histories being told.
There is sadness, and lots of happiness in these stories. There have been accidents, deaths and divorces among them, as with every one's lives.
The premise of the writing of the book was to show the love that parents have for their daughters. This was well done with the lives that were brought forward. Each family had it's own history, but the love for the daughters pursuing their own lives was a prevalent theme.
I loved the inclusion of the Becker family being brought into the book. The hard work and sacrifice to keep such a business running is a book in itself.

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