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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Golden Hour by Margaret Wurtele

The Golden HourThis book was sent to me by Vera at Luxury Reading for review.

Giovanna is called to her parents home, Villa Farfella, as her father is dying. She sits with him and then goes to lie down in her childhood room and is brought back to history 50 years ago.
We are brought back to Italy during World War II and the uncertainty that war can bring. Giovanna's brother, Giorgio,  has decided that he is going to work with the partisans, who are aiding the Allies in fighting the takeover of Italy from the Germans.
This information has made their father very angry and he has asked Giorgio to leave the house and never come back. The father is a strong minded Fascist and believes that Italy can save itself from the German army.
Giovanna has always been considered the weaker of the two siblings, even though she knows in her heart that she is made of stronger stuff than she is given credit for. She attempts to prove that to herself as she tackles things at the local Catholic Church with the nuns and the children of families that are torn apart. 
She becomes involved with a German soldier that is part of a group that have taken over the main floor of her family home and also the church. Eventually she realizes that her involvement with Klaus is not what is appropriate and becomes involved in a secret clinic that is helping aid and nurse the partisans back to health.
This is when she meets a young Jewish man who really changes her resolve about the atrocities that are occurring during this war. She falls in love with him and risks many things to keep him alive.
Giovanna has a heart of gold, but is only a young girl with many things to learn and many people that would like to teach her things. Some have their own reasons for doing so, and some are really trying to make her understand things as they really are.


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Aris Whittier said...

this sounds like it would have a lot of historical detail and emotion...I put it on my to read shelf!