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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gone To Ground by Brandilyn Collins

Gone to Ground: A NovelThis book was sent to me by Vera at Luxury Reading for review.

The very small town of Amaryllis, Texas, population 1700, has experienced the murders of six women over the past 3 years. The latest has just happened and each victim is found stabbed in her bedroom closet. Each victim has been stabbed with a paring knife from her own kitchen with one wound. The women are all of different ages and races.

Cherrie Mae is the local cleaning woman. She cleans homes from all over the town, including the mayor's home. While cleaning the mayor's manor, she comes across something that is damning to the mayor and does not know what to do with the information.

Tully is pregnant with her husband's child and gets disturbing information about her husband and the latest of the murder victims. She has information that she doesn't know what to do with also.

Deena is the local hairdresser and is disturbed by her brothers' activities concerning the latest murder. Her brother is really not "all there" and is the target of many of the town folks' taunts and rude comments.

Trent Williams is a reporter who has been covering the murders and has won a Pulitzer Prize in doing so. He and Deena are in contact, so the women have a little more information to try to solve the crimes.

This novel was a nice read. The chapters are written as if these women are speaking and I loved that you could actually hear them talking, right down to the southern dialect.

The ending is good. You are not made to believe in anyones guilt until the very end. Easy to read and enjoy, a little murder mystery to put your crime-solving skills to the test.

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