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Sunday, January 2, 2011

What The Dickens by Gregory Maguire

There is a poor creature that is born in a tuna can and he is alone. He encounters a cat and wants to be her gift giver. He encounters a grisset and becomes fodder for her newborn babies. He acquires his name by accident. What-the-Dickens accidentally encounters another of his kind who is taking something from under the pillow of a child. She is Pepper and is a tooth fairy. 
He follows her to her home and encounters strange skibberee, of which he is one, who have all kinds of rules and prejudices about maintaining their society. He is abolished, as a loner, but insists on helping, therefore trying to make himself feel as part of the whole.
This story is read as a inner story. There are three children being watched by a cousin of 21 who are in a house that is lacking in running water, electricity and parents during a hurricane or tornado. The young man is reciting the story so the children will not become upset and does a very good job at keeping the children occupied with it.
This was a cute novel. I love the fact that Gregory Maguire wrote it in the present tense. That makes it more vital and the lessons learned by the creatures and the children are prevalent to our times.

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