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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Portal by Imogen Rose

This book was sent to me by Romance Junkies for review.
Arizona (Darley/Stevens) awakens to her mother driving a Hummer 2 instead of the Hummer 3 that she is accustomed to. She has just taken her SAT's at Princeton High School in New Jersey and must have fallen asleep on the ride home.
When they pull in to the driveway, a man greets them. This is not the father, Dillard, that she knows. This man's name is Rupert and her younger sister greets him with much affection.
Arizona enters a world that is only vaguely familiar. Her dog Gertrude is there, but she is now in California with a new home and also a new personality. This Arizona is not the tomboy of New Jersey, but a cheerleader on the debate team.
Arizona also discovers that there are certain people from her other side, friends that are somehow here, not back in New Jersey.
This book is very easy to read and interesting. It is a little too young adult for my taste, but I believe that the younger set would like this book. Many references to things teen, right down to Uggs, cell phones, PDA's and fashions that suit that generation.
I believe that I will read the other two books in the series so that I can find out the end of Arizona's story. The ending lent itself to wanting to do so.

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