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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer & Shiner by Nolan Carlson

This e-book was sent to me from LASR for review for Aurora.

Randall, Kansas in the late 1940's and life is very simple for Carley and Troop. They are the co-founders of the Mustang gang and butt heads with the Spiders and the founder of that gang, Mick, and his devilish dog, Devil.
Carley and Troop rescue a raccoon who is caught in a trap left by a careless hunter over the winter.
Shiner, the raccoon, becomes Carley's pet and is with him everywhere he goes. Carley & Troop have many adventures over the summer, including initiations into the gang, miracles that are observed and friendships that get stronger every day.
Nolan Carlson has written a very good story about an era that is so much simpler than today. No talk about internet, cell phones, TV, etc. Carley reads Moby Dick for pleasure and listens to the radio and goes to free movies on Saturdays.
The story really makes one long for a much simpler time.

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