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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Apparitions by Raven Bower

Th was an e-book sent to me for review for LASR.

Bailey Khane is an author of novels that tell the stories of young girls that are murdered heinously. What people do not know is that the novels are the real stories of these girls who appear to her as apparitions. Their spirits are wanting Bailey to find the murderer.
Andy Bennett is a private investigator who has read at least one of Bailey's books. The book in question is so accurate in the description of the murder of his sister, Erika, that he believes that Bailey had something to do with the crime.
Bailey lives alone in a cabin on a lake in White Sands, Michigan, and surrounds herself with silver and any other weapon, including a guard dog, Thor, against evil.
The real source of this carnage comes from a very unexpected source and that is really part of the real pull of this story.
This book is really for the reader of horror. Raven Bower does a really good job of creating a novel that keeps you reading and her use of language is top-rate.  I hope that she continues writing in this genre. We need more women writing this kind of novel.

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