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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Five Magic Words by Valentine Dmitriev

This book was sent to me from Romance Junkies for review. 

Agatha Archer has decided to use her quiet Saturday to grab her pencils and sketchbook and go into the quiet glen where her favorite quiet spot is. She draws illustrations for her best friend Rainie's children's books. 
She quietly walks into the glen and sees a good looking gentleman sitting on her favorite log. She stands aside and sketches his features and notes how handsome the man truly is.
Silas, the man on the log, is trying to sort his mind of life's problems. Quiet from work, the memories of his dead wife, and the complexities of trying to raise his son weigh on his mind.
He becomes aware of Agatha's presence and speaks to her, noticing how beautiful she is with her bronzed golden hair, her beautiful face and her height, comparable to a Dryad. 
Agatha notices the ring on his left hand and leaves hurriedly. She has a history with married men and tries to avoid them like the plague.  Silas just wants to get to know her and can not figure a way to let her know that he wears a wedding ring for the memory of his wife.
The two are drawn back together under circumstances caused by his son, Jamie's, doing. Both of them love children and Jamie is a strong bond between the both of them. 
Agatha so wants to hear her Five Magic Words and be able to love Silas like she would want to. You will have to read the book to see whether that happens for these people.

Valentine Dmitriev writes a very descriptive novel with some very beautiful prose. We learn a lot about these characters through memories and their histories are very interesting. I just did not find the connection between the characters was delved into as much, so there really didn't feel like there was a great love between these two people. Not a lot of romance in the novel. That is by design though, with the feelings of Agatha definitely taken into account.

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Linda Kage said...

I love reading your reviews. You're very honest about telling what a reader wants to see in a romance. I think this can help me with writing my stories. Thanks for the insights.

Beautiful prose is nice and all, but more important than that, a person wants to see the characters connect with each other.