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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Steal Away by Amber Green

This is an e-book supplied by LASR for review.

Twilight is a picker in the south and is going to jump a train headed for Harlem, New York to become a singer. She will have to jump and avoid the Pinkerton guards. She succeeds this mission and meets two men who become involved with her and their own escape.
They travel in a box car loaded with rice and hide under the rice when circumstances demand that. Twilight learns that the two men are lovers and that the feelings that she has for one of them probably will not come to fruition. We will see!
They have to make a small stop in Atlanta after the train has been stopped. They stay with old friends of Stone's, the gentleman of the pair who has a history in New York of dancing. 
Twilight becomes involved with Hector, the second of the two men, which makes Stone extremely uncomfortable, as he is very much in love with Hector. Stone's history becomes quite evident in this area of the book, and we are taken for a wild ride after this.
They end up in New York to escape some of that history and are treated to some adventure. Quite action-packed in phases, this book is written well and brings you back to a time when things were not as accepted as they are now.
I really felt that the relationship between Twilight and Stone was the most enjoyable. He begrudged her the relationship with Hector, but loved Hector enough to understand that every individual is different and needs their own relationships.
As a work of erotic fiction, it was spicy, but not hot. We are given an insight into a gay coupling, but not so much on the heterosexual end. The story was good and the characters, especially Stone, were people you were rooting for.

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