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Monday, August 23, 2010

Caterwauler by Chris Masuda

This book was sent to me from Bestsellersworld for review.

This book is written in diary form about a young man, Wes, who has been unemployed and becomes employed by a porn shop for the graveyard shift. We are treated to instances of people of all walks of life coming into the store to make purchases, going off into the video rooms, talking to Wes, etc.
Wes is a deep thinker, maybe too much so. We really don't learn a lot about his history, so we aren't privy to understanding why he has such fear about forming relationships with anyone, including the co-worker that we as readers can see he is falling in love with.
One conversation that takes place between Wes and a homeless man is extremely mind-bending. Some of the conversation is very understandable, but parts of it felt like reading a little bit of babble.
The book was very interesting and allows you to put your life on a back-burner and ponder the good and bad of society.
I hope that Chris Masuda continues writing and perfecting his craft.

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