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Friday, May 7, 2010

Looking For A Love Story by Louise Shaffer

This book was sent to me for review from Romance Junkies.

Jake has asked to have a "talk" with his wife, Francesca. Francesca is coming off of a wild ride as a best-selling author about 2 years ago and has been approached about writing a new novel. Jake and Francesca were married with all the surrounding publicity about her first book.
Francesca knew and loved the fact that Jake was a photographer to the stars and the up-and-coming, including her when she was just getting known. She loved him because of his shallowness.
Francesca learns of Jake's goings-on with one of her best friends and publishers and ends up alone. She is trying without success to write another novel to compare to the popularity of the first one.
She gets desperate enough to advertise her services as a ghost writer for anyone looking to use those services. "Chicky" responds to her ad and hires her to write the story of her parents, who were performers in Vaudeville in the 1920's.
This is where the story takes off. We are drawn into the '20's and get to know the story of Ellie, Joe & Benny, all performers with different agendas for their futures. We are taken into the personalities, desires and politics involved in getting to the top of the Vaudeville ladder.
Louise Shaffer has written a very enjoyable book with characters that you really feel strongly about, whether it be you like them, disregard them, or don't like them. The story-within-a-story is the very best part of this book. You will have the pleasure of two stories wrapped into one.

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