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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Only The Lonely by Susan Gabriel

This book was generously mailed to me by Laurie Saunders for review and I was absolutely thrilled to be able to do this for her and Black Velvet Seductions. 

 Summer "Solstice" Stone is a late-night DJ on WKZM with a show that is called "Only the Lonely". Summer takes calls from lonely people and has conversations with them and tries to make them feel less lonely. She is also a "Perceiver". She can tell when someone is a vampire.

Summer is on the air one night when a gentleman calls named Lucien. She senses that he may be more than just a lonely caller. He mentions things that noone would be able to know.

She meets Lucien and falls head-over-lust for him. At first it is just a tryst, but then becomes a love hold on Summer. She has fallen so in love with Lucien, irregardless of what he is.

This has some very steamy scenes and really makes one want to bed a hundreds-year-old vampire. Summer shows no fear about bedding this beast, rightly so.

This is a very good story. Well-written and definitely worth the read. You feel for Lucien and the trials that he has to live by.


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