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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rally Fever by Crea Jones

This book was mailed to me by Laurie Saunders from Black Velvet Seductions to review.
Marly is raising her sister Janine's little boy, Peter, after Janine left with a biker that no one knew. This took place after the girls' beloved father left home with no word as to where he had gone.
Marly attends the Sturgis Bike Rally every year as an artist who paints leather vests, jackets, etc and has to leave Peter with her mother, who is a very bitter woman.
Marly is the good sister of the two.  Rather innocent and naive. She attends the Rally and encounters Luke Grey, an ex-bike racer and producter of parts for bikes. She quickly falls in love, regardless of the danger she associates with most bikers.
Bad things happen to her sister while she is at the Rally and a truth becomes known to her that jeopardizes her trust in people she is very close to.
This is a well-written novel with some fun, some mystery and a good plot. I kind of had this figured out before the end, but that was just me. Will continue to look for more books from this author and will continue to locate more books from Black Velvet Seductions.   

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