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Monday, January 11, 2016

Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

This was a very nice romance that doesn't fall into the normal romantic genre. Louisa Clark is a very individualistic young lady who lives in a very small world. She can count how many steps it takes her to get from her job at the local cafe to her home, where she lives with her parents, grandfather, sister and her sisters young son.
Her world kind of falls apart when the cafe is closing and she has to apply for another job with an agency that really has nothing too good to offer. The only position that appeals to her at all is the one of a care-giver for William Traynor, who has become a quadripalegic after an accident.

Her main job is to keep Will occupied and maybe bring his spirits up. Will was a very rich, very active man and this accident has really taken his whole life from him.

Louisa is dating a man, Patrick, who has become obsessed with training and running and that leaves Louisa out a little.
Louisa is a very individualistic person with her outlook and her attire. She dresses colorfully and has a very upbeat manner, which hits Will the wrong way at first.
They slowly become friends and Louisa is avidly trying to find things for Will to do that are more adventurous.

This is a very good modern romance. Not a normal romance, as it is between two people that have lead very different lives and with him being handicapped.

The characters are very well-defined and you are very taken with both of them and the way they feel about things.

Me Before You

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