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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Winterfrost by Michelle Houts

 Winterfrost by Michelle Houts

 This book was provided to me by LibraryThing for review.

Bettina Larsen and her baby sister, Pia, are alone in their home because their parents are away visiting. It is up to Bettina to take care of Pia and maintain the chores in the house and in the barn. It is just after Christmas, the first Christmas without Farfar.
Farfar was always talking to Bettina about nisse. Nisse are creatures who help people take care of homes and barns and yards. In all of the hubbub about family at the past Christmas, Bettina had forgotten to leave the oats in the barn for their nisse.
Klakke is the nisse in the barn. He was a little upset with Bettina and as Bettina puts Pia outside one morning to take a nap, he takes Pia away.
Bettina is devastated, not really knowing what has happened to Pia. She is unaware of the nisse in the barn.
Bettina goes on an adventure to find her baby sister and we learn of the nisse traditions and creatures.

This was well-written and takes you back to fairy tale stories of youth.

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