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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty


What a tempest takes place in a weeks time in this novel. We are introduced to three families: Cecilia & John-Paul Fitzpatrick & their three beautiful daughters, Tess & Will & their son, Liam, and Rachel Crowley, widowed with one son, rob and a daughter that was murdered at a young age, Janie.

Cecilia is the mother who is constantly doing everything right, selling Tupperware, being the school mom, and extremely capable at all levels.

Tess owns her own business with her husband and cousin, Felicity.

Rachel is the school secretary and probably runs the school from her front desk.
Cecilia finds a letter in her husbands files and it says on the envelope to only read on his death. Being curious, she reads the letter and discovers an appalling truth that shakes her world.

All of these women, in one week's time, are going to go through major trauma and it will involve each of them with each other.

This novel is compelling and I would consider it a must read for all.
Liane Moriarty writes so well that you are a part of each woman's life and are feeling every pain & joy that they feel.

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