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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Weekend Getaway by Karen Lenfestey

A Weekend GetawayBethany is currently living with her boyfriend, Drew. They are renovating a Victorian home and helping Drew's sister raise her daughter, Emma. Beth wants very much to ask Drew to marry her and takes steps in that direction by giving him a tie tack. Drew doesn't get it and acts as though he is not ready to make that commitment.
Beth goes away to a weekend reunion with college friends and reacquaints herself with her first love, Parker, who married one of her friends from school, Ivy.
This is really the only part of the book that was interesting. Bethany is just not a happy person and nothing in her life is as she would like it to be.
This novel was written well, but the story is rather stunted and there really is no resolutions to the problems that Beth has in her life.
I will definitely not give up on the author, though. Will read more of her work.

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