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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Delmont Street Gang by Eric A Mann

15892411This book was so much fun to read. I attended school with Eric, although I was 2 years younger. His sister was in my class. I was in The Round Table Singers with him and remember him being a fun guy.

This book is full of short stories about growing up in Manchester, CT and brings you back to an era that is so much different than that of today. No cell phones, 3 television black & white stations, no computers, etc.
Kids went outside to play and had to talk to one another.

Eric writes very well. It probably helps that I grew up in the same area and know the locations of things that he refers to, but anyone who grew up in this era will appreciate the stories. I hope that Eric writes further and brings us into his life now. The Nifty Fifties Band was absolutely one of my favorite parts of high school at the talent show that year and many years after that. Read this book just for the fun of remembering things past.

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