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Monday, January 30, 2012

Four Below by Peter Helton

Four Below This book was sent to me for review by Nancy at  BestSellersWorld. 

Detective McLusky is a disgruntled DI in Bristol, England. Not happy about his social life, his food, his office, etc. 
There is a murder of an individual who is found in Leigh Woods, partly buried and stoned to death. The murder victim is a drug addict and so we are going down the path of believing that this is probably just that, a deal gone bad.
Within days, there are many drug related deaths that are not as easily explained away. It seems as if these drug deaths are caused by the addicts ingesting heroin that has been laced with anthrax, causing very disgusting deaths.
With all of this taking place, the death toll keeps going up, with victims being heroin/anthraxed to death, and others who are being found in the woods having been brutally killed with stones and beaten.
The story is well written, but I feel that it could have been carried further. There were so many characters in the last part of the book that we really didn't get to know and I did not understand their relevance, even in the end. The ending was really rather clipped and unsatisfying, as it seemed to be written just to tie up the ending.

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This looks like a great one. Nice description.
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