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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Courtney Comes Clean by Maer Roshan

Courtney Comes Clean :The High Life and Dark Depths of Music's Most Controversial Icon  This book was sent to me by Vera from Luxury Reading for review.

I have to be honest and say that I really do not have much knowledge of Courtney Love's music or life other than the gossip that I read in magazines. I really had never heard any of her music.
She seems to be a very intelligent, drugged-out trainwreck. Maer Roshan spent about a year with Courtney and writes about all of the paranoia that she experiences about her finances, her reputation, etc. Courtney Love has been an addict since she was 15 years old and has tried to rehabilitate over and over again, without much success.
She really appears to be a tragic figure that people will have a tendency to just dish dirt about. She really kind of fuels that with her actions and things that she does to acquire attention in the wrong manner. Does she use her fame as the widow of Kurt Cobain to fan some of these stories? I get the sense that it helps to fuel some gossip, but there is also the fact that she lost custody of their daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, that adds to all of this.
I don't really think that this book had all that much depth to it. I think that Maer Roshan could have spent more time helping us to understand the woman more thoroughly and maybe get some real feedback about who she is. I did not walk away from this book with much more knowledge about her than I walked in with.

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