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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shattered Wings by Bryan Healey

This book was sent to me by the author for review.

John is alone and wondering what has happened to his love, Charlie, and his little girl, Cassie.

John has a very good job and lives with his lover, Charlie in a beautiful home in upper New York. John loves coming home every day to house-husband Charlie and the little girl that they worked so hard to adopt, Cassie.

John is at work one day and is released from his position because of down-sizing. He is unable to tell Charlie, so he dresses for work each day and he sits in teh park as he applies for positions from his phone.

John feels that he can not tell Charlies, so he relies on his compensation to carry the family through until he can get another job.

John has plenty of interviews, but nothing is going as John would like them to, he either doesn't have enouth diversity or he has too much earnin power for the positions he has applied for. He begins to feel desperate and reverts to an old vice that had caused a turmoil between he and Charlie in the past; drinking.

We learn about John's childhood and his early relationship with Charlie and others through flashbacks. These are quite interesting and make you see the John that people both loved and disliked in the past.

This story was well-written and the plot was great. My only problem was that John was not someone I felt inclined to like. He never came across to me as strong as he should have been, having been married to a man and having fought for the adoption of a baby girl as a gay couple. I did feel sorry for him and all of the trials that he goes through and wanted very much for things to turn around for him.

There was a problem grammatically with the word "passed" being used instead of the appropriate "past".

Will definitley choose another book by Bryan Healey to read, as the writing was great. This book was definitely worth the read.

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