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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ribbon of Rain by Pam Champagne

This e-book was supplied to me for review from Romance Junkies.

Kat Tenney has just discharged from the military after serving in Iraq. She is living in a lodge in remote Maine that she inherited from her parent's after they were murdered. Kat is very angry that there have been no answers about the murder of her parents. It seems that they were murdered with no motive.

Jude Callahan is assigned a case involving some stolen gems and is dispatched to the lodge in Maine to investigate. He is a city man, heart and soul, and is angry to be assigned this mission in the backwoods of Maine.
He canoes himself, rather clumsily, and is greeted, not very cordially, by Kat and her dog, Red. He is immediately attracted to this little spitfire of a woman and tells her why he is there. Kat informs him that she doesn't have a clue about any stolen gems or her parent's involvement in the theft.
Kat agrees to help him try to find proof of anything that may be at the lodge and they become closer than either thought could be possible, after only knowing each other for so short a time.
A friend from Iraq shows up, Cody, and there is instant tension between the two men. Cody is a good friend and loves Kat because of the times in Iraq when she saved his life. Jude has fallen very hard for Kat because of the fire that she has in her soul.
The trio discover secrets that are taking place in the area that the lodge is located and become involved in some very dark and dangerous intrigue. They become friends, enemies and cohorts in a very short period of time.
Kat often hears words from her dead grandmother, who loved Kat as if she were her own. Her grandmother used to call her Marunga, Ribbon of Rain (Rainbow). Her grandmother gives her the advice and Kat learns to listen to her wiseness.
This book was very enjoyable to read. There was a solid balance of romance, fun, suspense and some very dark intrigue. The mixture was well done and there was never too much of any of the elements to be boring or overpowering. This is one of the better of light romance novels I have read in a long time.

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