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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Black Cougar of Vernon Secondary by Marisa Chenery

This e-book was sent to me from LASR reviews for review.
What will this school year be like without her only friend?
Mika Taylor is starting school again, but this year she is alone. Her very best friend, Cathy, has moved and Mika doesn't have many friends. She is treated as a loner, with others making fun of her. She does not dress in the popular clothing and always seems to have her face in a book.
Sylvia is the most popular girl in school and is consistently picking on Mika. Sylvia is the cheerleader and a bit bullyish.
Mika has had a crush on Trent Hunter for about 2 years now. He is in her first period class and seems to be looking at her a lot, although she can't really figure out why, what with her being the school freak and all. Trent is full-blooded Okanagan Indian and gorgeous, probably able to attract any female he would like.
Trent shows an interest in Mika from the first day and they become friends at first, with a relationship starting very slowly. Mika notices from time to time that Trent's eyes are changing from his beautiful brown to a gold, shining pupil and has read enough romance novels to wonder if he is capable of shape-shifting into a cat of some sort.
There is a legend in Vernon Secondary about a black cougar that has never really been proven. Mika wonders about that legend and where the cougar initially came from. She has many thoughts about Trent becoming that black cougar and how awesome that might be.
There is an incident, after Mika and Trent have started to form a relationship, where someone has duped Mika into going to a very wooded and densely protected area near the reservation. Mika is hesitant to go, but she believes that Trent has invited her to go hiking with her. Although the trick is pulled and Mika is left in a vulnerable situation, Trent comes in to save the day.
After this incident, there is some unrest between the two and they part ways for some time. Mika is trying to understand what could have gone wrong between them. She starts befriending another boy and it seems as if Trent has also moved on to being with the worst person that Mika can think of, Sylvia.
You will have to read the novel to find out if these two make their way back to each other. The story is very sweet and easy to read. I really liked the characters, they were like neighbors and friends to me. There is not a lot of paranormal writing, just the fact that it is part of the story is all that is really gotten into.

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