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Sunday, January 24, 2010

He Crashed Me So I Crashed Him Back

This was generously mailed to me by Bestsellersworld for review.

It is 1979 and NASCAR racing is not a sport that most of the country is watching on TV. On a very snowy Sunday in February, the country is pounded by winter weather and a lot of the major sports are not having games because of that. CBS decides to broadcast the Daytona 500 to fill up their time slot.

The fans are treated to the whole race, where in the past they were given highlights only. The end of this race was exciting, as a fight ensued between 3 of the good ol' boys, Bobby Allison, Donnie Allison & Cale Yarborough.

This started a trend in the sports reporting field to cover more of these races, because it ended with such a fanfare. In fact, NASCAR still uses this coverage sometimes to advertise itself. Who knew that auto racing could get so physical? Reporters were flocking to each race now wondering who would get into a fist fight with whom.

This book was definitely written for the veteran NASCAR fans. Most of the names that are written about in this book are either gone or retired and really not part of the sport anymore.

Mark Bechtel writes about the season and is very generous with the tidbits about the competitiveness of this sport and the personalities involved. Only a hint of today's NASCAR is exposed, as this is before it became the second most popular sport.

Well written and pretty interesting. Again, definitely written for the veteral NASCAR fan.

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