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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Rose and Lissa are continuing their education at St. Vladimir's and Rose is continuing her training as a guardian. She is scheduled for a test with a very prominent guardian when horror strikes. The Strigoi are on the move. They are mixing with humans to eliminate the royals.
This book was slower building than the first one, but once you are involved, this is the book that will make you want to continue reading the series. Rose grows so much in this book, both mentally and emotionally. Strong character, but we can see that she has a lot of heart also.
The bond between her and Lissa is not as strong in this book, but the action taking place is outside of that connection in this book.
Was a little lost at the beginning half of the book, was going to put it down and start something different, but glad that I did not. Very good book, and again, will definitely keep reading the series.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm,I'm thinking about reading this. I'm still hesitant on reading young adult books. Twilight is the only YA set I've read so far.And while I enjoyed it I am still not sure. But I told Chloe I'd give her new YA series a try. So we'll see after that one if I'll read this series. LOL!