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Monday, February 20, 2017

What She Left Behind by Ellen Marie Wiseman

I hope that everyone is good! Finally another review.

What She Left Behind

Isabelle is a young woman in today's era. She had been living with her grandmother after her mother was put into prison after killing her husband, Izzy's father. Izzy's grandmother has passed away and Izzy is put into a foster home.
Izzy's foster mother is involved in a project to find some history about an insane asylum in the town that has closed. They are going to go through the luggage of some of the patient's and try to learn more about those people.
Izzy comes upon a suitcase that is full of beautiful and moneyed items and comes across a journal written by a young woman who was incarcerated in the 1930's.

Clara is the woman of the 1930's whose diary Izzy has discovered. Clara was from wealthy parents and her parents had her incarcerated after she refused to marry the man they wished her to marry. She was in love with someone else and her parents thought that by sending her to the insane asylum, they would teach her a lesson.

The book alternates between the stories of the two women. There is much heartache in both young ladies's lives. Both live through some strong downfalls.

The premise of the book was really good. I just felt that there was so much distress that it was a little hard to keep reading. Had to read until the end to find out it anything good became for either lady.

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