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Monday, January 30, 2017

Groovin': Horse, Hopes & Slippery Slopes by Rich Israel

Hope everyone is well. This book was forwarded to me by for review. Worth the read.

Groovin’: Horses, Hopes, and Slippery Slopes (Hippie Adventurer, #1)

This is probably one the best titled books I have read in a while. Full of episodes in Rich Israel's life when he was younger and so much fun to read.

While I am a generation behind this era, I am certainly old enough to remember the anxieties about the Vietnam War, the LSD thing going on and the Hippy movement.

Rich writes well and you are rooting for him and enjoying his antics. A good share (the second half) of the book is about his horse-riding trip through New Mexico, Colorado, etc. Comes from a very different time and makes life sound so much easier.

Well written and I am definitely looking forward to the sequel this fall.

I received this e-book free in exchange for my honest review, from

A Novel Set During Wartime (PopSugar 2017 Challenge)

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