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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Therapy for Ghosts by Eric Praschan


Cindy James is a Cognitive Behavior Therapist in Sleepy Oak, Missouri. She starts a memory from her past, memories that have long been suppressed, and faints in her office. She is then taken to a hospital, where tests are done for physical problems. There are no physical ailments and Dr. Shipper, a neurologist, tells she can not go back to work until she sees another CBT for at least an hour session.
She goes to the appointment with the only other CBT in town, Dr. Anthony Prost. She is immediately turned off by his office, his demeanor and only stays for half of the session, without really giving anything up about herself.
She goes home to her five-story home. She climbs into bed on the fifth floor and locks the two deadbolts like normal. She starts to have more memories and realizes that the perfection she thought she was attaining in her life is not there.
She goes back to Tony Prost for the next half hour to complete the obligation and be able to go back to work. Tony starts her on her process of remembering the terrors of her childhood and they decide to become friends.
Cindy then  decides that she needs to remember why she feels such failure with herself and her life. What in her past has made her feel incomplete and so inferior. Tony slowly helps her process those memories and they are not pleasant.
The vocabulary in this novel is very rich. Eric Praschan has a wonderful way with language. You are extremely drawn to finding out about Cindy's long suppressed memories of her childhood.

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