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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Revival by Stephen King

RevivalJamie Morton is a six year old and has received the best birthday present ever from his sister Claire. It is a foot locker full of soldiers and tanks. Jamie spends many hours in his yard creating battles between the Americans & the "Krauts".

This is in the summer of 1962. Jamie lives with his family in Maine (where else!). His family consists of his parents, his sister and 3 brothers.
They are a very church-going family and the older children attend MYF classes at the church each week.

One day Jamie is creating a battle in front of his home when a shadow falls over him. This is his introduction to the new Reverend of the family church.

Jamie learns to love Reverend Jacobs and his wife Patsy and their son, Morrie. The reverend share many fun things involving electricity with MYF classes and Jamie. The reverend has a love of learning about electricity and creates many fun experiments.

A few years into this a car accident takes the life of the reverends wife and son. Reverend Jacobs is inconsolable, but continues to preach until what is call by the Morton family as "The Terrible Sermon".

Reverend Jacobs leaves the church and the Morton family miss him, but continue to live, although the church has slowly not become as important as it once was.
Jamie becomes involved in music and gets into some bad situations. As he has gotten into a very bad lifestyle, his "fifth business" pops back into his life. The reverend is the mentioned "fifth business".

The reverends absolute love of learning about electricity has always stayed with him and seems to be his escape after the loss of his wife & son. These experiments will rule the rest of this book and lead Jamie, Reverend Jacobs and many more characters to some very interesting conclusions.

Stephen King is my favorite author and this was well written, as usual, but the ending left me a little flat, but it is always a pleasure to read from a master, whether you like the ending or not.

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