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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Visionary by Pamela S. Thibodeaux

Product DetailsThis book was sent to me by Romance Junkies for review.
Alex Broussard has acquired a mansion that is in desperate need of updating and repair. The mansion is in Louisiana and he is in need of architects and designers who can restore the manor to it's proper state.
Alex calls upon T&T Enterprises to see if they would be interested in doing this work for him. Taylor and Trevor Forrestier, male and female twins, are two of the best and Taylor has been written up as genius in the designing field.
There is so much history about the manor that Alex has purchased and Taylor would not have turned this job away, no matter what her brother would have said. And the strong attraction between herself and Alex put another stamp on her approval.
Alex senses a very strong bond between the twins and at times it is hard to understand the extreme closeness that they share. Then, we learn the truth about what the twins had to endure as children who were abused by their father and the need for the two of them to be so tied to each other. They only had each other to rely on and therefore, need the bond strongly.
Taylor has tried to reach to God to alleviate her demons, but Trevor is not as quick to embrace a God he feels betrayed them. Trevor does not understand how the Almighty would let this go on without punishment for their tormentor.
Eventually Taylor and Pastor Hebert get through to Trevor about letting go of the pain and anger and releasing his demons. Pamela Thibodeaux has written a good novel with solid characters. You really do feel the strong connection between Taylor and Trevor and are hoping that both of them can get beyond the horrific childhood and become separate individuals who can lead their own lives, but still have each other to depend on. I really want to commend Pamela Thibodeaux for tackling such a tough issue in a contemporary romance and making it work.

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