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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tsunami Blue by Gayle Ann Williams

This book was sent to me from Romance Junkies for review.

Kathryn "Tsunami Blue" O'Malley has the gift of listening to the sea and talking to it and knowing when a tsunami would be coming. The world has been devastated by monster tsunami's and is currently only islands. Blue lives on an island in a remote section and lives by herself and her dog, Max. She stays in seclusion, as her gift of transmitting her predictions on the radio waves makes her a goddess to some, a demoness to others.
Blue and her dog are out one night and come upon a very beautiful man who appears to be dead. Blue takes the very large man back to her humble hut and restores him back to life. After she awakens, she discovers that he has a tattoo on his arm with a 666 and a snake running through the numbers. That can only mean that her Dark Angel, Gabriel Black, is a Runner. Runners are her worst enemies. They are the most vile creatures still on the planet. They steal, rape & murder with no remorse.
Runners are invading her island and Gabriel Black grabs her and brings her to his ship, leaving Max behind to fight the beasts that the Runners call pets.
From here it is adventure after adventure for these two individuals. There are children, other Runners, Uplanders, etc to have to deal with.
The story is exciting and the language use is graphic. If you don't like gore, I would recommend you don't read the book. But if you can deal with the violence, the romance part is pretty hot. These are some very fiery individuals and together they have a fiery mix.
I loved the language use in this novel. You could picture every movement written about.The only thing I found lacking was some of the fore-story about her family and the involvement of her Uncle Seamus. Will definitely read another book by Gayle Ann Williams. Her use of language really brings you into the story.  

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