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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Night Glitter by Jill Shure

This book was sent to me from RomanceJunkies for review.
Jeri Devlin, our heroine from Night Jazz, has decided to stay in the past with her husband Lex, instead of falling back into the future with her brother and his fiance. She loves Lex and has fallen in love with the time of the Great Depression. She and Lex are doing well financially and they are very in love.
Lex is stricken with TB and Jeri has him placed in a private sanitarium, which is costing a lot of money. So Jeri must find a way to make a living that will pay for his medical care. She moves to California and tries to find relatives that she remembers being alluded to by her family in the future.
She locates her cousin, Lorena, and lives in her brothel and travels to Hollywood to find employment as an actress or secretary. She ends up working for a woman who is a has-been actress whose father is one of the biggest producers in Hollywood. There is much involvement here, including with the husband of this actress.
I really enjoyed the first book, thought it was fun. This one was OK, just didn't like the change in the mores of Jeri. She becomes involved with some good people, but has changed so much from the first book. 
I would love to see Jill Shure write more continuous books in this series, as I would love to travel with Jeri to more eras.

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