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Monday, July 5, 2010

Detectives Don't Wear Seat Belts by Cici McNair

This book was sent to me for review for Bestsellersworld.

Clarissa "Cici" McNair grows up in the southern United States with a mother who is artistic and fun, and a father who really hates his daughter, the reason is never really explained.
She is a woman who has a real flair for flights-of-fancy and leaves her home and travels to Europe and basically lives on the wings of prayers.
She holds many different kinds of positions in her travels, from being an author, working at the Vatican radio station, etc.
She comes back to the United States to live with her mother and decides thqt she would be interested in becoming a Private Detective. She phones from the yellow pages a bunch of P.I. firms and wants to be hired, with no P.I.  or law enforcement experience. She does just that.
She falls into becoming a P.I. and learning the business as she goes along. It seems to fit like a glove and she becomes very good at it.
The stories are interesting, if they had a beginning and an ending. We never really learn a lot about some of them, maybe because of a legal reason.
The book skips around a lot and often becomes hard to follow. You can never catch up with which agency she is working with or what city she is in. I think a little more continuity to the book would have helped to make it more enjoyable, but you have to give the woman a lot of credit for tackling life and dreams with such gusto.

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