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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Damaged by Kia Dupree

This book as mailed to me for review from Bestsellersworld.

Camille Logan is a young girl who has been abandoned by her mother and is being raised by her grandmother in ghetto Washington, DC. Her grandmother is not really able to care for her and she is entered into the foster care system and is placed in a home with the Brinkley's, outwardly a church-going, steady family with 3 boys.

What is happening inside the home is a far cry from the image that is being seen from the outside. The father is abusing Camille and her other female foster sister, Danica. This goes on for years and Camille meets a young man, Chu, who focuses all of his attention and money on her and essentially takes her in at the ripe age of about 15.

Life happens and Camille eventually ends up walking the streets as "Nectar", living an existence that most of us would not even know the first thing about. From there we learn about what it takes to live in that particular lifestyle.

This book was written so true to the dialect & lifestyle that probably pervades the seedier side of almost any city. Kia DuPree has done a great job of making you feel that you are a part of this.

I really felt that this book could have had an ending. The author left you with nothing. Is Camille's life getting better? Will she stay off the streets? Will she and Rob get together? There were absolutely no answers.

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