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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Sister by Poppy Adams

Two sisters are going to get together after about 50 years of being apart and barely speaking to each other. We are going to spend the next 3 days getting to know their whole history.

Clive Stone is a well-documented lepidoterist and his wife, Maud, is quite the socialite. Vivian is the first born and is followed about 3 years later with the birth of Virginia. Vivi loves the work that her father does and follows him and learns everything that he can teach her about moths. Ginny follows more in her mother's footsteps.

There is an accident when the girl's are younger, with the fall of Ginny from a parapet and the consequence of that being that she will never have children. There is some consternation on the part of the family and friends that Vivi may have pushed Ginny, but we are made to believe that that is not the case.

The book then proceeds to get very lavish with lepidoterist terminology and it almost lost me as a reader at that point. There are way too many scientific terms and explanations than are necessary to tell this tale.

A lot of things happen in this tale that don't really have much of an explanation and that makes it hard to understand or "feel" about. I found the ending flat and don't really know if I was right about how I felt about the characters or if it was a total turnaround of what we have been led to believe all along in the book.

Poppy Adams writes well and the language is fun to read, just am not sure about the ending.

If someone reads this and can give me a little insight into the ending, please do.

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