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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Girl in the Green Sweater

It is absolutely amazing to me every time I read a Holocaust survival book, that we as human beings can put each other through this stuff. This was written about her life as a child living in the sewers of Poland to escape being found and killed just because she and her family were Jewish. They were not even real practicing Jews! Very strong family bond with her and her family. Heartbreaking and really written as if she was still the child that was experiencing the terror. I found it so compelling that while they were living in the sewer with the rats, they made friends with the rats and that her brother made pets of a few of them. They learned how to live with the rats because they existed. Why couldn't the humans involved in the Holocaust have just tolerated the fact that they were Jewish and just different than other people?

Would love to go to the Holocaust Museum in Washington just to be able to see this sweater on exhibit. Having read the book could really put a history to the article of clothing.

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